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About Fanciful Navigator | Installation of Fanciful Navigator | Configuration of Fanciful Navigator

ball10.gif (972 bytes) If you have not yet downloaded Fanciful Navigator either (1) download the Fanciful Navigator from http://www.fanciful.org/wcnav.htm using your web browser; or (2) connect to Fanciful Online via telnet (online.fanciful.org) using your telnet client, and download Fanciful Navigator using the "Z" option on the main menu. (In these instructions, we're going to assume you select FNAV.EXE to download, although if you're viewing this in a web browser on your own machine, you'll probably want to choose one of the versions that doesn't include a web browser. In any case, substitute whatever version you downloaded for FNAV.EXE throughout these instructions). If your web browser asks you what to do with the file you clicked on, tell your browser to save the file and show it where on your hard drive you would like it to be saved. Likewise you may have to tell your telnet client where to save the file you download.

ball10.gif (972 bytes)To install Fanciful Navigator:

  1. From File Manager (or My Computer for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 users) locate the FNAV.EXE file on your drive, and double-click on it to run it. This will begin the installation process. You will be asked the directory into which to install Fanciful Navigator ... use the default (C:\FANCIFUL) unless you are familiar with installing programs and prefer to use a different directory.
  2. When the installation is complete, you should have 3 new icons created for you. Click on the readme icon for important information about the program, the uninstall icon if you ever want to remove the program from your computer, or the Tom Lebens' Fanciful Online program any time you want to connect to Fanciful Online. You should now be ready to run the Fanciful Navigator program and begin the configuration, as explained on our Configuration page.

Technical notes

  • When there are updates to the Navigator software, you will be notified when you log onto Fanciful Online and asked if you want the new version. If you select Yes, your Fanciful Navigator program will be upgraded automatically, usually with no need for any special actions from you. However, it is possible that Fanciful Navigator may ask you to copy a file from your C:\FANCIFUL directory into your C:\WINDOWS or C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. It may also ask you to quit the Connection Manager entirely and then restart Fanciful Navigator. If it asks you to do either, please follow the instructions so that your software may be updated successfully.
  • If you are running Windows 3.1x, make certain you have virtual memory installed. To check this, go to your Control Panel, select 386 Enh, click on the Virtual Memory button, and look at what it says. You should be using a permanent swap file, not a temporary swap file or none. The size may vary, but should be at least 4,000K. Recommended values are typically 8000K-10000K. This is not necessary for Windows 95 or Windows NT users.
  • If you are running Windows 3.1 (not Windows for Workgroups) then you may have to add SHARE.EXE to your autoexec.bat file. The setup program may not run properly if this isn't already installed. You probably don't have to worry about this step if the setup program finishes successfully. The line you need to add to your autoexec.bat file should look something like this: LH C:\DOS\SHARE.EXE If you are not comfortable editing the autoexec.bat file yourself, get someone to assist you. This step will not be necessary for Windows 95 or Windows NT users, should not be necessary for Windows for Workgroups users, and may not be necessary for all Windows 3.1 users.


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Last Updated: May 3, 2003