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What's New With FanciWare?

  • 3/21/2000 - Version 0.8 .zip file created and distributed with complete documentation. Now supports generating JavaScript output, so FanciANSI can be called using the <SCRIPT> tag. Left the software in beta because of the new features and lack of a "secure" mode, but we have not had a single bug reported in Version 0.7, so the code looks tight. For a preview of this technology, view the documentation page-it is dynamically created using an HTML page, and the very same readme.txt file that is distributed in the Version 0.8 .zip file. Version 0.9 has been completed to fix a bug in Version 0.8, and will be released within a week or so.
  • 4/8/1999 - Version 0.7 .zip file created and distributed with complete documentation. Now to work on adding "template" feature and "secure mode" feature. Still no known bugs in Version 0.7, so we may come out of beta soon!
  • 3/30/1999 - Version 0.7 is now available for download, continuing to work on documentation, and ZIP archive.
  • 3/27/1999 - Version 0.6 is now available for download, continuing to work on documentation, and ZIP archive.
  • 3/27/1999 - Version 0.5 is now available for download, working on documentation, and ZIP archive.
  • 3/26/1999 - Version 0.4 is now available for download; we are now working on documentation, and a ZIP archive.
  • 3/26/1999 - We believe we have a workaround, and are now testing Version 0.4 with the workaround in place. We plan to add handling for more special characters and then release 0.4. We plan to add template file handling to our next version, which we may release as soon as this weekend, but certainly within the next couple of weeks. We'll keep you posted.
  • 3/25/1999 - Working with Santronics on what may be a quirk in wcCode; also working on a workaround
  • 3/24/1999 - The next major project now is going to be to create documentation, and a ZIP archive, so that FanciANSI can be uploaded to Santronics and other archive sites! Look for this in the next week or so, either upon or right after the release of FanciANSI 0.4.
  • 3/24/1999 - A working version of FanciANSI 0.4 is being tested. Among the enhancements of this version are
    • Handles conversion of "<", ">" and other "special" codes to HTML
    • Does not strip @ sign when used without an @code, such as in an e-mail address
    • Low ASCII characters are stripped, i.e., those below ASCII 32 (decimal)
    • Adds default header and footer capability to "bull" and "disp" files. A single default header can be defined for "bull" files, and another for "disp" files, AND, individual header and footer files can be defined for each file in your "bull" and "disp" directory, without the need for creating a .cfg file. All you have to do is create, for example, header-bulletin.htm in your "bull" directory, and you will have a default header for bulletins. Create header-bull1.htm in your "bull" directory and you will have a custom header for "bull1". .cfg file functionality remains in place for backwards compatibility and to handle files not in the "bull" or "disp" directories without jeopardizing system security.
    • Most display macros, other than "screen" codes, are converted to HTML! For example, if you use @SYSTEM.SYSOP@ to display your name in a bulletin or display file, IT WILL BE DISPLAYED IN HTML!
    • Here is an example of FanciANSI 0.4 in action: http://fanciful.org:81/public/code/html-bbs2htm-dev?file=bull4&dir=bull (note that the system name and sysop name at the bottom of this bulletin are display macros!; also try changing the "bull4" to some other bulletin number, and watch how the header/footer is picked up; try "bull1" and note the custom header with the standard footer.)
    • Here is another example of FanciANSI 0.4 is action: http://fanciful.org:81/public/code/html-bbs2htm-dev?file=hello1&dir=disp (note that any ">" characters now convert correctly, and that the Extended ASCII characters, and low ASCII characters are converted to *'s for proper display using virtually any character set.)


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Last Updated: May 3, 2003